Sheffield Senators – 2016/2017

The Sheffield Senators are pleased to announce the return of players for the 2016/2017 season.

#33 Mark Hartley and #32 Bob Browne
A great goaltending partnership. Both players are great to have in the changing room bringing a relaxed approach to the build up which instantly switches when they touch the ice.

#5 Jonny Bell
A strong stable defender (with a history of stopping pucks with his face). Jonny has put focus in the past few seasons on his fitness and proven to be a valuable member of the team.

#10 Arran Bell
A strong reliable defenceman who can bring confidence to the forwards on his line. He has a steady presence in front of the net and great attitude for the game.

#11 John-Henry Walker
An original lineup member. John returns to the Senators after health issues forced him out of playing where he focused on his recovery and developing the Academy players. He is returning to fitness and ready to join the lineup.

#14 Tom Proctor
Another player who has had trouble with on and off injuries over the seasons yet each time he returned to the ice he instantly made his mark in the game.

#20 Nathan Britton
A long serving Senator who has focused on every aspect of his game over the years. He commits to the team and every second of the game.

#21 Tom Humphries
Another long serving Senator with a strong presence on the ice allowing him to stand his ground in front of the net and release a powerful shot.

#24 Jordon Martin
Jordan has worked up through the Academy and played as a senior Senator for several season. He is a quiet player that can see an opportunity and strike, defensively he has a good mix of speed and strength and is looking to develop his game further over the coming season.

#25 Paul Lofthouse
Given the reputation of an aggressive enforcer last season which brought him a lot of attention. Enforcer is a role that just isn’t Paul – what he is is a determined player that chases every puck with an intensity that teams find intimidating. He does a lot of work turning over teams and setting the groundwork for goals.

#26 Andy McEwan
A strong intimidating player, with a great approach to the game. He can sit back and bring a calming influence or deliver instructions in the simplest and most effective way.

#29 Alex Harding
A great player with the ability to bring the same stability to both offensive and defensive roles which he’s moved between over the seasons.

#54 Sam Hurst
Sam joined the Senators after playing rec hockey under the instruction of former Scimitar players. He has a lot of energy and enthusiasm that his brings to every shift.

#55 Lewis Jones
Lewis joins us this year as a senior player after playing in the Senators toughest season as an under 20. Lewis showed a lot of potential in his early games and we are looking to see his raise his game further over the season.

#91 Jamie Pyewell
A player who brings a lot of experience to the game and a strong presence to the team. Jamie struggled with other commitments last season and played few games yet still plays a strong role in the team pushing players in training and supporting the whole team.

We are happy to welcome all these players back for the 2016/2017 challenge.

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