Sens vs DRAGONS 13/01/18

The first game of 2018 saw Dragons 2 visit iceSheffield, a team with only two wins so far this seasons against
the bottom side Blackburn Hawks 2.

Although the previous two games had ended in victories, the Sens can take nothing for granted in this
league and knew they needed to play a good game to take the 2 points.

New signings Craig Elliott and Truels Lone were icing for the first time and the Sens had a full compliment of
skaters, with 20+2. A slight delay in the junior games before meant a delay in face-off time, something that
never helps the legs of the player’s, but after 44 seconds Tom Humphries and Craig Elliott combined to get
the puck to Elliott Knell who slotted home the first goal of the night. Any thoughts that this was going to
be an easy game were well and truly put away when Dragons tied it up after 3 minutes played with some
sloppy play allowing them in. More pressure was put on the Dragons net, finally coming to fruition when
George Crawshaw scored his first off the night while short-handed. Depsite their best efforts there was no
further score in the period, ending 2-1.

Sens knew that they needed to pick up their game and Paul Lofthouse worked hard, skating through to get
hold of a loose puck and slide the puck into the net and this was followed with two quick goals from Tom
Proctor shorthanded and then Craig Elliott scoring his first Sens goal. Sens continued to roll 4 lines, but they
could not fully put the game to bed even with the score being at 5-1 as Dragons managed to pull 2 goals
back, with one Sens goal by Elliott Knell sandwiched between. The period ended 6-3 to the home team.

The third started as the last two had left off, with yet more pressure from the Sens side but being unable to
put the puck away until Tom Protor scored making it 7-3. With just under 10 minutes left a delay of game
penalty for a face-off violation against the Sens, but this proved costly for Dragons who tried to push forward
and left their defence open and two short-handed goals – one each from George Crawshaw and Tom Proctor,,
who completed his hat-trick. There was still time for 2 more goals, one for each team with Deeside scoring first
before Shaun Wild scored giving the final scoreline of 10-4.

Stats – Mark Hartley – 22/4 81.82%
Tom Proctor – 3+0 Elliott Knell – 2+2 George Crawshaw – 2+0 Craig Elliott – 1+3
Paul Lofthouse & Shaun Wild – 1+1 Tom Humphries & Solomon Smith – 0+2
Arran Bell & Nathan Britton – 0+1

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